Porto Alegre 2012

The greatest
javascript conference
in the universe

August 30 & 31
Teatro do Bourbon Country
Porto Alegre / RS




Purchase your ticket to the greatest Javascript conference in the universe. Amazing talks, renowned speakers and enriching networking. Be a part of this great event, BrazilJS is sure to be unforgettable.

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Thursday - August 30

Schedule Programming
8:00 Breakfast/Checkin
9:00 Opening
9:20 Richard Worth jQuery: The Next 5 Years

What's in store for the most widely-used library of the most widely-used language? History holds the key, not in predicting the future, but in learning how we can build what we want of it. Richard covers the currentstate and near future of the principal jQuery Foundation projects, including jQuery Core, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, QUnit, and TestSwarm. "Diga ai!"

10:20 Coffee-Break
10:40 Leonardo Balter Testing Sucks

Approach about myths and reality of unit testing in JavaScript environments, code coverage and plans for sustainable development. Find out what is bullshit and what is sexy in tests

11:50 Maximiliano Firtman Breaking limits on JavaScript with mobile HTML5

This session will give detail information to JavaScript developers about the mobile browser ecosystem in 2012 and how to create successful mobile applications for the browser and for hybrid apps, such as PhoneGap apps for store distribution.

Mobile browsers ecosystem todayBrowser vs. hybrid enginesWell-known HTML5 APIs and how they work on mobilePushing the limits on mobile: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope access; performance timing, full-screen APIs, notification API, camera access and more.

Limits onDealing with proxy based browsers such as Amazon’s Silk browser on Kindle Fire. Migrating from desktop: background code, file apis, performanceHow to debug JavaScript on mobile browsers?

What about JavaScript and power consumption? What is the compatibility on HTML5 APIs today in mobile browsers?What to expect in the near future?

12:50 Lunch
14:00 Renato Mangini Web or native? Take the best of each!

This session will show you how you can develop a Chrome Packaged app to deliver an experience as capable as native apps, but as safe as web pages. Just like web apps, packaged apps are written in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. But packaged apps look and behave like native apps, and they have native-like capabilities that are much more powerful than those available to web apps.

15:00 Eduardo Lundgren tracking.js

The concept of Natural Interaction proposes interfaces that understand the intentions of the user so that this convey their intentions intuitively interacting with computer systems in the same way makes day-to-day with people and objects. It is in this direction that the areas of interaction Human-Computer (IHC) and Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR), both in accelerated progression to native environments.

The tracking.js brings to web elements tracking techniques of a real scene captured by the camera, through natural interactions from object tracking, color markers, among others, allowing the development of interfaces and games through a simple and intuitive API.

16:00 Coffee-Break
16:30 Mike Taylor JS on TV

In this talk we'll take a look at what TV application development landscape looks like today, and at the constraints exist for writing JS for a TV. Are "best practices" the same? Can we rely on the tools that we've grown accustomed to over the past few years developing with HTML5?

17:30 Dave Herman ES6 Deep Dive: Symbols, Generators, Structs

ECMAScript Edition 6 (ES6) is going to be a major step forward for JavaScript. In this talk we'll take an in-depth look at three of my favorite new features in ES6. We'll look at them from different angles:

- what problems they're designed to solve

- how they work and how to use them

- how modern JIT compilers can optimize them

Friday - August 31

Schedule Programming
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Davidson Filipe High Performance Applications in JavaScript

Discover ways to improve the performance of applications that use JavaScript, and learn the best practices and tips that will bring significative improvements at runtime, download and interaction of its applications.

10:00 Coffee-Break
10:20 Zeno Rocha How not to turn into a Zombie: Survival Kit

An overview of the ecosystem of tools aimed at front-end development. How to face the current scenario, where each day there are new tools, without turning a zombie. Let's see how to use the tools to your advantage, increasing productivity

11:50 Fat i18n

An in depth look at translation

12:20 Lunch
14:00 Michal Budzynski The next console generation will be the last

Back in a days it wasn't possible to imagine gaming industry without consoles - it was commonplace to hear suggestions that those will displace the PC. Now we know that opposite is true - tablets, smartphones and browser games are applying massive pressure on home gaming systems. It's a huge chance for JavaScript to lead in this movement - it's our generation's Apple II.

15:00 Daniel Filho Interacting with the web beyond the keyboard and mouse

We are used to interact with websites through the mouse, and keyboard. But what if it were possible in a game, control a spaceship with head movements? And recognize colors through objects show for the webcam? Now, the limit for the interactions is in your hands!

16:00 Coffee-Break
16:30 Benjamin E Alman An Introduction to Grunt

During this talk, Ben Alman will show you how to more easily employ popular, best-practice approaches to JavaScript development like linting your code, writing and running unit tests, and concatenating or minifying files by using grunt, the task-based JavaScript build tool. Perhaps you want to incorporate tasks like these into your application, or perhaps you just want to write a jQuery plugin and don't want to spend a lot of time setting up project scaffolding. Either way, by the end of this talk, you'll have a much better understanding on what grunt can help you do!

17:30 Brendan Eich Palestra: The State of JavaScript

JavaScript has evolved over 17 years from a rushed "scripting language" into a ubiquitous and fast dynamic programming language. With the ECMAScript 6th Edition (ES6), JS is poised to become a great language for general purpose web application and library development.

JavaScript has also become the only candidate in sight for the needed role of safe, cross-browser, low-to-mid-level object file format for the Web, with dozens of programming language compilers targeting JS and its browser runtime APIs.

I will demonstrate the latest language extensions being standardized as ES6. I will then demonstrate how surprisingly efficient a modern JavaScript virtual machine can be when running non-trivial programs written in languages such as C++ compiled to JS.

19:30 Closing

Firefox Hack Day

Firefox LogoOnce you are in Porto Alegre, you can use an extra day to go for free to the Mozilla Hackday, the day after BrazilJS!

Join Brendan and other Mozilla crew members to hack, translate, learn and interact!

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